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Food & hospitality

Do you work in the catering industry and is your business affected by the weather? Create a pleasant covered area for your staff and guests.


Here you will find everything you need if you work in the hospitality industry. Our tailor-made solutions offer a look that is adaptable to every business in combination with a practical design. We use durable and certified materials that last, so with our catering tents you can always make sure that customers are well protected and comfortable while you can fully concentrate on the service.

Discover all the possibilities here!

4x4m Faltpavillon in der Farbe Ecru als Street-Food Zelt im Einsatz mit
Good times outdoors: Catering tents for you and your guests

Outdoor restaurant and bar tents

Would you like to eat outside? Always happy to. On the terrace? Or in the garden? Perfect. In bright sunshine as well as on rainy days? No problem. Catering tents are the ideal solution for your outdoor area. Everyone will enjoy eating under your gazebo. Mobile, flexible and 100 % waterproof. Ready to use no time at all.

2 folding gazebo measuring 4.5x3 m stand in front of the Käser bakery in Vilshofen. They serve as canopies for the guests.
Waterproof smoking tents

Smokers tents for your outdoor smoking area

A small café. A cosy restaurant. A trendy rooftop bar. And smoking? Only allowed outdoors. In rainy weather. With a whistling wind. With the feet in the snow. Especially on bad weather days, many guests find it difficult to go outside. The solution? Smokers tents. 100 % waterproof and fire-retardant they are the perfect roofing for guests who smoke.

Create a trendy street food stand that stands out.

Street Food Gazebo

Cool people. Casual mood. Discovering foreign cultures and new things. Street food festivals attract numerous visitors time and again. The be-all and end-all for food truck owners? Stand out and attract. Both culinary and visually. This is why street food tents are a perfect addition to food trucks, but they can also be used without a truck, simply as a street food stand - the cheaper alternative.

Practical and decorative: Waterproof patio gazebos

Terrace tents for your favourite spot

Who enjoys eating in the blazing midday sun or in the rain? Probably no one. Therefore, terrace tents must be 100 % waterproof and have UV protection. To ensure that all our pop up gazebos can be used as reliable sun and rain protection, we only produce waterproof pop up gazebos with sufficient UV protection.

Wine tents for degustation

Wine Tents

What do a good wine and pop up gazebos from Ecotent® have in common? Both provide that certain something at events. At wine tastings. Even at wine fairs, wine tents are popular companions. Mobile, flexible, practical. Easy handling, simple transport and space-saving storage are the basis. Smart accessories and various sidewall models build on this and offer you an all-round solution.

Motorsport Tents
Roofing for your racing stable.
Barbecue tents
For balmy summer evenings
Canopy tents for motor sports
Roofing for your racing stable
Catering tents
For your elegant appearance outdoors
Canopy tent for charity activities
This is a safe way to draw attention to your initiative
Medical tent
Robust tents for critical situations
Construction site tents
To keep your construction workers and machinery dry
Event tents
Suitable for large events or small celebrations
Trade show tents
For your perfect trade fair appearance
Agricultural tents
The roofing for your machines and equipment
Firefighter Tents
Create custom emergency tents for community outreach events and demonstrations.
Garden tents
The quick space solution for your garden
Catering tents
You are spared the hassle of dealing with the authorities
Info point tents
For your visible outdoor info point
Market tents
Trap on with a fully printed market stall
Canopy tent for musicians
For Dj's or large music groups
Party Tents
For an exuberant outdoor party atmosphere
Swimming pool tent
Relax with UV protection
Promotion tents
Eye-catching colours and printing for your promotion stand
Street food tents
Compact transport and ready for use in no time at all
Vendor Tent
Protected outdoor sales area.
Wedding tents
Everything has to be perfect for such a special day




Choose from practical accessories to complete your gazebo.

See all accessories
The woman is attaching the side walls to the folding gazebo. She closes them with a zip for complete all-round protection.
Side panels
The woman attaches the 28 kg base plate to the folding gazebo.
The man attaches the LED strips to the folding gazebo.
LED strips
The heater is mounted on the central pole of the folding gazebo. The radiant heater is on.
Radiant heater
The man assembles the wooden counter on the folding gazebo.


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