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Aluminium or steel gazebos?

The pros and cons of professional aluminium and steel gazebos

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How do aluminium gazebos differ from steel ones?

What is the most stable material? And which is the best choice for my application? These are simple questions everyone asks before purchasing a gazebo, which is why we took a closer look at these two metals, putting them to the test and comparing them. The result? Aluminium marquees are clearly the first choice when it comes to folding marquees. There are several reasons for this: aluminium marquees are lighter and easier to transport and they are unbeatable in terms of corrosion resistance, plus they are very stable and durable. In our comparison, we compared pop up gazebos based on the following four criteria:

  1. Weight and stability: is aluminium or steel lighter? And which pop up gazebo is more stable?
  2. Corrosion resistance: which material is more suitable for outdoor use?
  3. Location of use: aluminium or the steel? Which is more resistant to environmental situations?
  4. Sustainability: which metal is more sustainable?
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1. Weight and stability: is an aluminium pop up gazebo lighter than a steel pop up gazebo? And which is more stable?

Aluminium is known to be a light metal and is certainly lighter than steel. In equal quantities, aluminium weighs only about one third as much. The reduced weight of these gazebo facilitates their ease of transport and is also a clear advantage where they need to be set up and packed away frequently. In emergency situations, for firefighters or the Red Cross when everything has to be done in a hurry, or for trade shows, parties, events or markets, a user-friendly aluminium gazebo is always the smartest choice.

And what about stability? Both materials are very stable and especially sturdy. However, steel gazebos usually have thinner wall profiles than aluminium ones, because otherwise the weight of a folding steel gazebo would be unsustainable. Due to the reduced weight of aluminium, aluminium gazebos can afford to have a higher profile thickness (up to 2.5 mm), which naturally has a positive effect on stability. This means that, overall, aluminium gazebos are even more stable than steel ones.

So... Aluminium gazebos not only have a weight advantage, but are also more stable than steel ones due to their greater profile wall thickness. But beware: cheap gazebos from discount stores or DIY stores are made with very thin profiles, so the stability of their construction suffers and cannot compete with any high-quality pop up gazebos sold directly by the manufacturer.

2. Steel gazebo or aluminium gazebo? Only one is 100% corrosion resistant, but which one?

Corrosion resistance is aluminium’s greatest advantage over steel. Due to its inherent chemical properties, aluminium cannot rust. Outdoor use? In the sun and rain? Absolutely no problem, especially if all components of the frame are made from this material.

What about steel gazebos? Steel pop up gazebo manufacturers like to advertise that, because their steel profiles are powder coated, they are also corrosion-resistant and cannot rust. But beware: the powder coating is applied to the steel profiles at a later stage and is damaged at the first scratch. Especially with mobile use, steel frames can quickly become scratched (through transportation, unprofessional storage, set-up and packing away), and the exposed parts will quickly rust, contributing to further damage to the coating.

Do you want freedom to use your pop up gazebo outdoors without hesitation, regardless of the season and the weather? Then we definitely recommend an aluminium pop up gazebo. Enjoy your shelter with peace of mind for years to come. 

3. Did you know that sea air and ammonia pose no threat to aluminium gazebos?

Are you out and about a lot, in the city, in the country or on the coast? Then an aluminium gazebo is the right companion for you. Why? Because even aggressive sea air, ammonia and other environmental factors are unable to damage aluminium. Dangers to steel gazebos, which very quickly rust, becoming weaker and less stable, are no problem for aluminium gazebos.

Do you always want to feel free to use your gazebo outdoors in any environment where you happen to be? Then an aluminium gazebo is for you, especially if you want to use it frequently and for long periods. 

4. Are steel or aluminium gazebos more sustainable?

Did you know that aluminium, unlike iron, is also more sustainable? No? Aluminium is 100% recyclable, and the major advantage is that its mechanical properties do not deteriorate when it is reused. In addition, the extraction of secondary aluminium through recycling uses only five percent of the energy. This means that aluminium gazebos also significantly outperform steel ones in terms of sustainability.

No worries


Because aluminium is ideal for outdoor use, aluminium garden tents are becoming increasingly popular in gardens as well. They are particularly suitable as party shelters or as an alternative to a porch, tool shed or garage. Our high-quality aluminium products provide a pleasant shaded area, protecting from UV rays, and a reliable waterproof shelter from rain. A well-accessorised garden tent is therefore ideal for outdoor use all year round.

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3x3 m aluminium gazebo

Known and loved by all: our 3x3 m aluminium all-rounder. With a covered area of 9 m², it adapts perfectly to many different applications and offers safe protection from wind and weather. As a garden tent, market tent or trade show tent or for events of any kind, a 3x3 m aluminium gazebo is always a partner you can rely on. 

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This is why Ecotent® specialises in aluminium gazebos

The four decisive reasons why we focus exclusively on aluminium gazebos:

  1. Aluminium gazebos are three times lighter than steel ones.
  2. Aluminium pop up gazebos are corrosion-resistant.
  3. Aluminium pop up gazebos are ideal for outdoor use, even in seaside or rural locations.
  4. Aluminium gazebos are 100% recyclable.
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