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New Special Colour: ICE BLUE

Finally it's here. The new colour for our gazebo fabrics is now available at unbeatable prices!

Inspired by the master

Nature as a model

Crystal-clear water, fresh air and icy giants in the background. Nature has always been man's muse. In addition to the earthy tones of our Recycling textiles, with this new colour we wanted to pick up on the colour of the glaciers in the Alps which surround us.

The campaign we came up with: To help protecting our glaciers, we will donate 25 % of the proceeds from every ice-blue textile sold to a local organisation dedicated to preserving the Alps and combatting glacier melt. But there’s more behind it. The new textile is available at unbeatable prices. Help us protect the glaciers and benefit from unique prices!

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25 % discount for you

Do good and save money

Our ice blue textile was inspired by the glaciers and contributes to their preservation. With every purchase, we as a company will donate 25 % of the textile’s value to the Alpenverein Südtirol, which has its headquarters very close to our production site in South Tyrol, Italy. This non-profit organisation is committed to nature conservation and environmental protection in the Alps.

In addition to the donation, we give an additional 25 % discount to you!

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stable, robust, unique

Technical data

100 % waterproof

Like all other textiles in our range, our ice blue fabric is 100% waterproof, it has a UV protection of 50+, is is robust and tear-resistant. For ecological reasons, we do not use a fire-retardant coating. However, the textile does not melt as quickly as, for example, ice in the sun. Nevertheless, fire should be kept away from the textiles. 

The Pantone value of the textile is 14-4210 TPX.

Waterproof Waterproof
UV Protection UV Protection
From Europe From Europe
Personalisation Personalisation
Limited - take your chance

Tailored for you

Our customers' favourite sizes

The ice blue pop up gazebo can be purchased in three very popular sizes: 3x3 m, 3x4.5 m and 3x6 m. In addition, the textile can be ordered for all sidewalls with Velcro. The textile itself is a special edition and therefore limited. While others make up the crowd with white or black gazebos, you can easily stand out like a snowy mountain.

The pinnacle of personalisation? Your logo or a casual saying can be printed onto the pop up gazebo, just the way you want it. We have the ECO Passport for the ink used for printing, which means that you can put the finishing touches on your gazebo with a clear conscience. In addition, our in-house graphics team is available to assist you with any personalisation requests.

Printing and personalisation details
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